Your Phone Harassment Checklist:

  • Robocalling your cell phone without your consent
  • How to identify a robocall: When you answer your cell phone, you hear silence, music, or clicking sounds before being connected to a live person
  • Robocalls before 8:00 a.m. or after 9:00 p.m.
  • Robocalling after you've asked the debt collector to stop calling
  • Stop the harassment. Once you've retained Lemberg Law, the debt collection calls will stop
  • Get up to $1,500 per call. Sue for violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act
  • Zero upfront costs. Our legal help costs you nothing out of pocket; we don't get paid unless you win
If you’ve experienced any of these, you may have a case.

What consumers are saying...

Cell phone robocalls need to be regulated because: they can be illegal and endanger citizen s private information and sanity by scamming and manipulating civilians for the gain of criminals.
Josefina M From Newtown Connecticut,
Cell phone robocalls need to be regulated because: 160,000+ users complain, around 35% of all calls placed in the US are robots, they are also invasive, confusing and usually frustrate you.

Questions You Could Be Asking

Question: It's seriously exasperating when hassling with loan companies like Covenant Medical Center. Do I have to change my phone number? Answer: I understand that telephone calls from Covenant Medical Center get under your skin. These agents often sound programed to communicate to you without compassion. It's when they go out of their way to tear away at your self-respect with abusive insults that they are tempting a call from my firm. Fight this, we're waiting to help you.
- Lemberg Law Team
Question: I get pretty stressed when debt collectors like @Covenant Medical Center call me. Might there be some recourse? Answer: I understand how discouraging this can be as someone is pursuing to pay off their debts and sense pressure by the bank they owe money to. That is a rude method to manage people while asking for a payment! What you should get is respect, and my legal staff wants to help you receiving this.
- Lemberg Law Team
Question: I would like some guidance in halting the calls my family has been receiving from banks like Covenant Medical Center. What do I need to do? Answer: Consumer Protection Laws could be the best statutes that politicians have written. These regulations insure that individuals do not get threatened as they are spoken to about their debt. Should the banks can be gambling with legal actions, and this's where my office comes up.
- Lemberg Law Team
Question: I get very frustrated when collections agents like @Covenant Medical Center call me. Is there some way to make them stop? Answer: I know how distressing it must be when you're trying to get rid of debts and experience bullying by the creditors they owe money to. That is a rude method to treat folks while expecting a payment! What you should get is sympathy, and our firm can assist you in receiving this.
- Lemberg Law Team

What does debt abuse look like?

Attorney Sergei Lemberg gives hypothetical examples of potential FDCPA or TCPA violations.
Has this ever happened to you? You have been awake for a couple nights with a nasty cold and you are finally asleep just before the sunrise. But that cherished sleep does not last. It is 7:20 a.m. when your phone chimes loudly and you roll over to grab it. You listen to static, as if you're on the line with a machine. It is your bank, asking about your past credit card payment. Really ticked off, you look at your clock and ask if they know how early it is just before you end the call. If you're receiving auto-dialed calls to your mobile phone from a loan company calling you before 8:00 a.m., it might violate the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.
Let's have a look at this example: David is a dad, preparing to send his only daughter to college out of the city. Hoping to grant her greater responsibility and wanting her to check in with her mother more often, he ordered a pre-paid mobile phone with a limited minutes plan and unlimited texts so she can also text her dorm mates. Luckily, thirty days in, it is really working. She phones every couple days to check in and is inching up on the pre-paid minutes restriction. Logging into the plan on the computer, he sees a phone number he can't remember having seen before and sends a text to his baby girl wondering about it. She messages back, "Dunno Dad, but I get calls asking for some woman named Julie. Some collections agency phones like five times a day." Later, she tells him that she has told them that they have the wrong phone number but they still call her. If a collector continues to calling you after you've let them know they are calling an incorrect number, this could be in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.