Your Phone Harassment Checklist:

  • Robocalling your cell phone without your consent
  • How to identify a robocall: When you answer your cell phone, you hear silence, music, or clicking sounds before being connected to a live person
  • Robocalls before 8:00 a.m. or after 9:00 p.m.
  • Robocalling after you've asked the debt collector to stop calling
  • Stop the harassment. Once you've retained Lemberg Law, the debt collection calls will stop
  • Get up to $1,500 per call. Sue for violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act
  • Zero upfront costs. Our legal help costs you nothing out of pocket; we don't get paid unless you win
If you’ve experienced any of these, you may have a case.

Questions You Could Be Asking

Question: I'm not scared speaking to attorneys, but I get so threatened when I've got to deal with disrespectful unsolicited phone agents. Can your staff assist me? Answer: Let me assure you that my team has the knowledge to take care of these types of telecommunication organizations. We've stood up to with these invasive offenders to the extent of $35 million for more than fifteen thousand individuals. If you or your neighbor perceive abuse over the phone, call us.
- Lemberg Law Team
Question: My mother told me that there're laws that stops frequent representatives from calling someone? Can that be correct? Answer: Yes, this is exactly correct. You have a right to take action against threatening organizations that ignore the law, and your dignity. These laws are hard to fathom but that's why we're available for you. Recovering some power is only a brief phone call away.
- Lemberg Law Team
Question: My wife and I really believe that the phone calls we are getting can't be allowable. It's really concerning. What can we do? Answer: It upsets me endlessly when I find out about decent people like you that are being prodded by determined phone callers who are skirting federal and state law. That is a problem that comes into this firm daily. You should speak up, start by calling us.
- Lemberg Law Team
Question: My husband and I really conclude that the calls we have been getting can not be allowable. They are really exasperating. What should be done? Answer: It unnerves me personally when I read about good folks like you that are getting peeved from merciless telephone operators who are skirting federal and state law. It is a situation that calls into our law firm everyday. You should stand up, start by calling our office.
- Lemberg Law Team

What does debt abuse look like?

Attorney Sergei Lemberg gives hypothetical examples of potential FDCPA or TCPA violations.
Has this ever happened to you? Luke just picked up his cell phone after it was sitting on his kitchen counter for a couple hours and found two missed calls from That is the phone number that's been annoying him for two months with strange noises which sound like an autodialer when he says hello. This is possibly the sixth phonecall ten days and his time the caller left a voicemail. He checks the message and instantly recognizes the same exact clicks before the agent starts talking which he always hears. The calls have been constant and he is so fed up by the calls, he has considered switching phone numbers. If you are receiving auto-dialed calls to your cell phone that might violate the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.
Let’s say, Mary just verified that she's registered on the Do Not Call list since she just got one more call from They've been frustrating her for at least a month, phoning at minimum once a day and sometimes when she's sleeping. It's been maddening, especially last Friday when the company rang and woke her sick child who had just fallen asleep after a few wakeful hours of coughing. Since she's established that she's really on the Do Not Call list, it's about time to look into what her next recourse could be. If a company is calling you after you've registered with the Federal Do-Not-Call Registry list, that might be a violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.