Your Phone Harassment Checklist:

  • Robocalling your cell phone without your consent
  • How to identify a robocall: When you answer your cell phone, you hear silence, music, or clicking sounds before being connected to a live person
  • Robocalls before 8:00 a.m. or after 9:00 p.m.
  • Robocalling after you've asked the debt collector to stop calling
  • Stop the harassment. Once you've retained Lemberg Law, the debt collection calls will stop
  • Get up to $1,500 per call. Sue for violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act
  • Zero upfront costs. Our legal help costs you nothing out of pocket; we don't get paid unless you win
If you’ve experienced any of these, you may have a case.

What consumers are saying...


Questions You Could Be Asking

Question: I found out that there are protections against creditors like Cash Central who harass people like me. Could that be true? Answer: The statutes do indeed offer rights to individuals who contract for capital from banks like Cash Central. Those regulations ensure that consumers are treated with a minimum level of decency. Occasionally, the simple rules are set aside, and that's when we come in to fight for you.
- Lemberg Law Team
Question: I have taken so many calls from Cash Central, I've developed a new custom of muting my phone right when I get in my home. Can I do something to stop them? Answer: If your family time is as important to you as it can be to my family, I can appreciate your anger. The reality is, you could have a case. Federal and state laws are there in the books that give you rights against lending companies, which might translate to cash in your pocket.
- Lemberg Law Team
Question: I am constantly being called by Cash Central Is there something I can do? Answer: I receive phone calls every hour from people who have lost a job and find themselves under water with debt. Suddenly, they have phone calls from banks harassing for a payment. I can not understand how threatening individuals turned into an effective business strategy. When their agents cross a line, we're available to help you fight back.
- Lemberg Law Team
Question: I've been getting a large number of telephone calls from Cash Central what do I do? Answer: There're so many folks who can understand the fight to payoff their bills, and the irritation they feel when they're being bugged by lenders. Now and then, these tactics are intended to be aggressive but they can also be violating the law. Speak up, this team can assist you.
- Lemberg Law Team

What does debt abuse look like?

Attorney Sergei Lemberg gives hypothetical examples of potential FDCPA or TCPA violations.
Think about this: Johnnie is a father, trying to prepare for sending his only daughter to college out of the city. In hopes of granting her greater responsibility and envisioning she will call her mother often, he purchased her a prepaid cell with a limited minutes plan and data and unlimited texts so she's able to also message her dorm mates. Luckily, fifteen days since she got there, it's helping. She rings everyday to check in and is coming close to her pre-paid minutes ceiling. Looking into her account on his phone, he identifies a number he does not recognize and texts his daughter asking about the calls. She messages back, "Dunno Pop, but I keep receiving calls looking for some woman named Julie. Some collector from Cash Central calls like seven times a day." Later, she assures her dad that she's told them that they have the wrong cell number but they still call her. If a collection agent continues to calling you after you've told them they have the wrong phone number, they might be in violation of the TCPA.
Does this sound familiar? You've been awake all night looking after a child with a stomach bug and you are finally able to sleep just before the dawn. But that cherished sleep does not last long. It's 7:00 in the morning when your phone rings loudly and you turn over to pick up. You hear silence before a beep, as though you're talking to a machine. It's your bank, looking for your overdue student loan payment. Really annoyed, you look at your clock and ask if they know how early it is before you hang up. If you are getting auto-dialed calls to your cell from a bank calling you before 8:00 in the morning, this can be a violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.